Which Windows would u prefer?

Which Windows would u prefer?

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Which Windows would u prefer?

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Windows 7.  Only good OS since XP.

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I prefer windows 10 myself and there should be more improvements to it over time.

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10 other than the damn forced updates.

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Windows 10 is just fine for me, and I guess everyone will soon need to upgrade in order to take advantage of DX12 (when they finally make games for it).

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If you ask me this question about 2 years ago, I would choose windows xp. However since xp is too old and it's no longer support by Microsoft so I choose windows 7 ( the best one after windows xp)


I would prefer Windows 7 but I just don't wanna go through the whole downgrade of Windows 10 and finding drivers etc

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I think this is a stupid question. Win7


I was going to say win 7-64bit but Win 10 has come a long way and I have begun to become comfy with it.  


I still go by my mantra XP Forever but you can't even run the Blizzard launcher anymore and even browsers have a hard time playing Netflix or Hulu without setting processor affinity to Highest on my XP boxes.  After XP, I would say Windows 7 and then after that I would say Windows 10 but only if you can get your hands on LTSB edition (soon to be LTSC), it's lightweight and includes virtually none of the extra stuff.