Dota 2, why to play it

The things i like on Dota 2 are free champions, jungle system. I got angry often while playing LoL,w...
Aug 24, 2016 por Bubas96 • 2 Respuestas

Chronicles of Elyria

Hi, anyone heard of this game? I think it would be great 
Aug 24, 2016 por Bubas96 • 0 Respuestas

Your favorite Burger?

Bacon / BBQ
Aug 24, 2016 por Bubas96 • 16 Respuestas

What is your favourite food

Aug 24, 2016 por Bubas96 • 66 Respuestas

GTA or Saints Row?

Saint's Row for some good old crazy fun, but GTA (Online especially) for extended game sessions.
Aug 23, 2016 por Daruso • 96 Respuestas

summer or winter?

How about neither? Winters can be too cold and summers can be too warm. But if I had to choose, I'd...
Aug 23, 2016 por Daruso • 74 Respuestas

ak-47 or m4a1-s

Aug 24, 2016 por Bubas96 • 70 Respuestas

cats or dogs?

Toe-Tag Dog's As i have a service pet. i Also have 2 cats to keep the dog running.
Aug 24, 2016 por Toe-Tag • 56 Respuestas


Gamescom 2016 & Alienware

por lampy | Aug 17, 2016 |   (27 comentarios)
Gamescom is almost upon us, and there's going to be a lot going on! With Alienware systems to be seen on a range of booths including Wargaming, Astragon, ROCCAT, AMD/HTC, Microsoft, Intel, 11 Bit Studios, Warner Bros and Jujubee, there's a lot of cool things happening! Check back here for...

Project: Gorgon Blog - Road Map to Release!

por ProjectGorgon | Aug 13, 2016 |   (20 comentarios)
General Info The game is in alpha. All aspects of the game are subject to change. This game is not in beta, where we have the design ironed out and we're adding content and fixing problems. It's late alpha, where we are still trying to figure out how some of the key parts of the game fit t...

Robocraft: Strut Your Stuff Update – OUT NOW!

por gribb851 | Aug 9, 2016 |   (27 comentarios)
Robocraft: Strut Your Stuff Update – OUT NOW! All kinds of new playthings have entered the Robocraft Mothership now thanks to the Strut Your Stuff update going live! You’ve got new armored Struts, Center of Mass indicators, Robot building stats and much more! To read the full patch notes c...

Coffin Dodgers VR is Here

por Cartire | Aug 4, 2016 |   (53 comentarios)

Guild Wars 2 World Championship Qualifiers

por Cartire | Aug 2, 2016 |   (107 comentarios)
Got some sweet action coming this weekend...

15% Summer Bonus and 20 Day Countdown to Expiration Event, Part 2

por Darkstarr9 | Aug 2, 2016 |   (1 comentario) | (
At Midnight CDT (5:00 UTC) on August 22, 2016, we are expiring ALL remaining pledges, including: Adventurer, Founder, Royal Artisan, Explorer, Ancestor, Edelmann, Knight Marshal, Lord Marshal, Duke, and Lord of the Manor 2. To commemorate the final expiration of all remaining pledges, we a...

Project: Gorgon Update!

por ProjectGorgon | Aug 1, 2016 |   (31 comentarios)
We have been busy working on Project: Gorgon and we have been releasing constant updates on the road to beta and then onto a full launch! We have previously ran an extremely successful Kickstarter Campaign and we have already been Greenlit for Steam Early Access! If you enjoyed Games like...


Alienware Laptops
Alienware Laptops
por sheisasaint
Jan 23, 2013
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Multiple Alienware Systems
Multiple Alienware Systems
por sheisasaint
Jan 23, 2013
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por sheisasaint
Jan 23, 2013
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Alienware Fan Art!
Alienware Fan Art!
por sheisasaint
Jan 23, 2013
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