03/31/2018 Daily Quest - AWA Artifacts

03/31/2018 Daily Quest - AWA Artifacts

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Edit:  Wow.... the last Artifacts, for at least awhile.  What a nice tribute to the people that made it happen!

Stars tonight:  Durga_Durga and LucasCts  (LucasCts was able to get the harder ones)


Teamwork, NO SPAM/Flood or whatever you want to call it.  Lets Solve this ARTIFACT!!!!!       

Mods are watching and will kill the thread if they so choose.

Start:   https://na.alienwarearena.com/page/daily-quests-3-31-18


Well kids. All good things must come to an end. This is the very last AWA Artifact. It will run through Monday, and then there will be no Daily Quest after that for about 12 hours.  My psychic powers are telling me that you should probably expect some downtime on Arena for about 6 hours or so during that time. Then....... we'll all just have to wait and see.

The Alienware Arena team has been putting in a lot of hours recently. So this is gonna be a very easy Artifact weekend. But do not worry. I'm going to make it worth your time. 2X Bonus all weekend. 

Artifact Recap: To earn that precious ARP, use the clues below to find the correct URL or action. Visiting that URL or completing the action will award you with points. If you're stuck, the community usually has a solving topic up in the off-topic section. These will be hard for some of you. 



Be thankful



Thank you



No, seriously. Thank you.



And you



And you especially you



Edit 2:
Thanks to all the game masters for the quests that were presented to us.  Some were EXTREMELY challenging!



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Let us see then what they have been working on then.

Hope it is something good.

And thanks


Probably about upvoting

Andy1891 said:



EDIT (wasn't about upvoting those guys but just visiting their profiles)

Please guys, head to the pages listed below and give an upvote to those who helped us finding the answers (do not thank me for answers I haven't found myself):

(Looks like they have fixed Playitcool2 and now it works if the first letter is uppercase https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/Playitcool2, if you are having issues getting any of the quests to work try to change the first letter either to upper or lower case, I've had the same issue with lampy when I first tried, "lampy" didn't work by "Lampy" did )


PAGE 2 ( https://na.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/1857900/boards/off-topic-4/ForumPost/03-31-2018-daily-quest-awa-artifacts?replyPage=2#post-3436343 )

Durga_Durga said:

Cartire: https://na.alienwarearena.com/member/Cartire

Lampy: https://na.alienwarearena.com/member/lampy

PAGE 2 ( https://na.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/1857900/boards/off-topic-4/ForumPost/03-31-2018-daily-quest-awa-artifacts?replyPage=2#post-3436356 )

LucasCts said:

Polly - https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/Polly6789

Playitcool2 - https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/playitcool2

or Playitcool2 - https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/Playitcool2

PAGE 2 ( https://na.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/1857900/boards/off-topic-4/ForumPost/03-31-2018-daily-quest-awa-artifacts?replyPage=2#post-3436350 )

LucasCts said:

Finfy - https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/Finfy

Please, don't be a r*tard, don't copy-paste someone else's post and then tell the creator that if his OWN CONTENT is "alright" then you'd delete your own post.


Today was another quest, I wish everyone luck and guessed it quickly, our guys are the best for this job. They always make quick and share their results with others. I'm grateful to them!


That's a lot of thanks. Thank you too! =D


Thanks for a day of artifacts !

Start: https://na.alienwarearena.com/page/daily-quests-3-31-18

RodrigoBLP said:

Cartire: https://na.alienwarearena.com/member/Cartire

LucasCts said:

Finfy - https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/Finfy

LucasCts said:

Polly6789 - https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/Polly6789

Durga_Durga said:

Lampy:  https://na.alienwarearena.com/member/lampy

LucasCts said:

Playitcool2 - https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/playitcool2

Thanks to everyone !


How, the clues are interesting...

Durga_Durga, Area 51 - R2, Area 51 - ALX, X51 - R2.... My kids ;-)


Hard day, at last! I will try accessing the mods profiles to see if they are the literal clues.

Been there, done that


thinking time


Can i join the "Let's do this" wagon? Huh huh? Just kidding, I hope I can help this time! =D

Edit: Once again I'd like to thank everyone! But I gotta tell... This time it was easier... Heck even me, myself and I were able to figure it out! Hehe! Still I needed a hand with some since I don't know every site Admin and Moderator! =D

If for some reason the quest is not working for you, retry in a few moments, it really works!

Edit 2: Try both links below, see which works for you: 

#1 https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/playitcool2

#2 https://www.alienwarearena.com/member/Playitcool2


Well then good bye artifacts then 

is this following the same trend where last nights uploads are the answers?

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