Electronic Arts has created artificial intelligence that can play Battlefield 1 in multiplayer

Electronic Arts has created artificial intelligence that can play Battlefield 1 in multiplayer

We still know from the Terminator the fact that one day the world will be dominated by machines controlled by artificial intelligence. What is less known to many is that the development of this artificial intelligence is also carried out with the help of video games. Last year we were able to testify how artificial intelligence wiped the floor with the best Dota 2 players, and we also got Blitzkrieg 3, which was named the first RTS title with an artificial neuron network known as Boris AI.

As mentioned Boris demonstrated, we are still far from fully functional artificial intelligence that could learn to play games alongside the gamers, but the future is in the experimental exploration of the Eletcronic Arts division SEED that has developed AI and let him learn to play Battlefield 1 in multiplayer.

The result promises and AI has learned to move to a location with ammunition or health when one of them runs out. However, artificial intelligence has not yet mastered accurate aiming, and here and there it knows to mumble and starts to dance. How it looks at work, check out the following video:

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Well bots aren't really anything new though.


Now if someone plays strange, it's not a cheater, but an artificial intelligence.




Exellent. It's really useful thing. Check it as soon as possible.

Fallen' hero will rise again!


rise of bots begin! :)


but can it buy lootboxes?


I always thought Google would be SkyNet !


ahahah, so funny


tesdy14 said:

I always thought Google would be SkyNet !

HaHa +1 to that :-)


Thank you for the very interesting news, I enjoyed reading it!

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Problems with lack of players on the server in the future will probably be solved by advanced artificial intelligence that unlike typical bots functions with based learning.

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