How long have you been gaming?

How long have you been gaming?

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About 16 years for me!

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31 years for me (started when i was 3)

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Yamero Kudasai

7-8 years I think :)


40 years, started when I was 10



29 Years. I'm part of the oldies group.

Raduhendrix's upload is better than mine.


Prolly since my 6th, so that would be 28 years. I'm and old fart like some people above me :)


Started since i was 7 on arcades. So 28 years of gaming and counting. :p

absolutely 3rd

27 years

Be seeing you !

absolutely 3rd

man we're old... don't we have anything better to do ?_? :P


Be seeing you !

Maaster Yoda

like a 13 years)


ive been gaming since i was 3-4 so about 15 years