[Steamgifts] Updated Changes to Point System

[Steamgifts] Updated Changes to Point System

There have been some revisions to the point system today, following up on yesterday's discussion.

 1. Points increased from 5P to 6P every 15 minutes.
 2. Point cap lowered from 500P to 400P.

Point Refunds for Deleted Giveaways

When a giveaway is deleted, points will now be returned to every user that entered. If you already have the maximum of 400P, you will receive points above the limit. For example, if you had 390P, and a giveaway you entered for 50P was deleted, you would then have 440P available. As expected, since you would be above the 400P cap, you would not receive additional points every 15 minutes until you dropped below 400P.

If a giveaway is undeleted, the opposite will occur, and points will be removed from your account if you previously entered. For example, in the above situation you had 440P after the 50P giveaway was deleted. If you continued to enter giveaways until 360P and the giveaway was then undeleted, you would drop to 310P, since you would once again have a 50P entry in that giveaway. In a rare situation where you used most of your points, and only had 10P available, the undeleted giveaway would lower you to -40P.

Removing Giveaway Entries

If you remove a giveaway entry, you can now also receive points above the cap. This means if you have 380P, and you remove two 15P giveaway entries, you will have 410P available. You would then remain at this amount until the points are spent.

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So now, beyond running out of points, its technically possible to have a negative number of them? Heh. Noice.

So Many Toys ...So Little Time


That site keeps lowering my steam worth each week :( Never had a chance to use it cz of that


Back with ma Big Mac


I like SG


Too mamy changes


Good changes, actually


Bolo1512 said:

Too mamy changes

I feel the same way. He should have given his new system at least a few weeks before making adjustments. 


Changes, changes.......never end


When does this update take place? Because I still have 500 pts at the moment of posting this comment.


sad about it.


Soom my steam account will have negative value, its smaller and smaller

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There have been some revisions to the point system today, following up on yesterday's discussion.

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