Statistics show that PC players are losing interest for chaotically fast LawBreakers

Statistics show that PC players are losing interest for chaotically fast LawBreakers

LawBreakers, a multiplayer shooter from the first person that defies gravity, is available on PC for only a week. But, despite very positive ratings on Steam, the game managed to lose much of its audience.

Namely, according to statistics that made GitHyp on Steam the first beta was tested by 7500 players, and the other beta 40% less. Upon releasing LawBreakers only played three thousand players, and this number in a few days dropped below a whole thousand players. Accordingly, this arena shooter had no chance to enter even Steam 100 top played games.

For comparison purposes, let's recall last year's Battleborne that did not pick up the finest ratings either on Steam nor from critics, but it was still played by 75% more players on the day of the release.

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Let's see after a few weeks, but that's clearly not a good sign....



Good News!


But Law Breakers is a nice game :o


Hmmm, so many overwatch-like games, I see they all lose their players eventually.


I played both betas, they were fun but i really dont feel like playing it again.

Top Kek


It just had bad timing with the release probably, seeing it had alpha/beta close to overwatch and quake and bf 1, doesn't mean its a bad game though.

健全なる魂は 健全なる精神と 健全なる肉体に宿る


It's incredibly difficult to maintain a playerbase these days. A game either has to be developed by a popular game developer or get lucky.


thanks for the news





Good News!

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Fast shooting in the new arena shooter did not wake up some interest in PC players, so Lawbreakers failed to get into the 100 most played Steam games this week.

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