Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Shoots its Way to Steam

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Shoots its Way to Steam

There’s a Quentin Tarantino movie-related video game that is getting a release and it comes out today on Steam. Indie video game publisher Big Star Games has partnered with Lionsgate to release an action-strategy shooter in relation to the cult classic Reservoir Dogs. Known as Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, the game will include strategy via a “Time Rewind” feature to help correct the mess ups on the journey. This will allow players to realign strategies, saved down allies or complete complex procedures.

The game will feature no health packs and limited ammo as players work to get through 18 levels while stealing as much money as they can along the way. “With Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, we wanted to pay respects to one of our favorite films of all time while offering something innovative with the license,” said Liam Patton, CEO, Big Star Games. “We created the ‘Time Rewind’ mechanic to let players toy with time just as Quentin Tarantino did, adding a new layer of strategy to top-down shooter games that will appeal to hardcore gamers and film fans alike.”

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will be available for consoles later this year. It retails for $14.99 on Steam as the top-down action-shooter helps to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary. The game includes six infamous movie characters including Mr. Blonde and Mr. White. “We’re thrilled to give fans exciting new ways to interact with one of Lionsgate’s most iconic properties, Reservoir Dogs,” said Lionsgate President of Interactive Ventures and Games Peter Levin. “From day one, we’ve loved Big Star’s unorthodox vision for Bloody Days, and the game is shaping up to become something special.”

Check out the release trailer below:

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Looks good, time rewind is always an interesting mechanic.  Thanks


Mr. White approves.


Great movie . Hope the game great again.


"I don't tip." :D


Mr. White approves.


Looks good! Good video!


I normally would not go for a top down shooter at all, but I find the mechanics here pretty interesting. I may pick it up.


thanks for news


thanks for news

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There’s a Quentin Tarantino movie-related video game that is getting a release and it comes out today on Steam.

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