Transportable Gaming "Desktop PC". Would anybody go for this?

Transportable Gaming "Desktop PC". Would anybody go for this?

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I have an idea for a Gaming PC and I'm curious if anyone out there is crazy enough to see things the way I do. I personally view gaming "portability" quite a bit differently than the current trend of slimmer/lighter. What good is a super slim gaming machine, if the controller, and in my case controller(s) make the need for a "bag" inevitable? What about a mouse and usb cords, etc? So my own crazy dream is to have a massive (22-27") all-in-one gaming tablet that includes on-board storage (and charging of course) for two controllers, a keyboard, and a gaming mouse (and other things), All the while still being very easy to unplug and move at a moment's notice, without any bag or case needed. It's like a Desktop Gaming PC, only you can move it into the next room easily, or toss it into the back seat of your car, no problem. 



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Looks sweet, i'd be on board. 


Looks interesting, and WAY more compressed and useful than some "portable" PC cases out there!


It's totally doable. And of course the bezel wouldn't HAVE to look as silly as drawn or be quite so big. It's just the concept of packing everything together and moving it.

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As long as it is not heavy and the ports are on the side.

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bruh looks lit...I would definitely go for this pc!


Not a bad idea at all, but the price point is going to be quite a bit higher than a console.  Also, this is similar to the new nintendo design that mixes portable/fixed gaming.  If their idea catches on we will probably see more competitors in that new market they have created.


Yeah the price point would be comparable to a gaming laptop, not a console. But it would have portability and ergonomic advantages over both laptops and desktops.


I like the concept, biggest issues I see are going to be heat and power consumption.  The "folding" mousepad might be better replaced with a stiffer  material, with slots it slides into to cover screen - like this box lid, but with something thin+ light:


Thanks for that input. Yes, something like that may be needed.


Looks heavy lol