Farming Simulator 19 showed heavy machinery in the impressive E3 trailer

Farming Simulator 19 showed heavy machinery in the impressive E3 trailer

In the fall of this year, comes to us Farming Simulator 19, and if it's to judge by release E3 trailer, it brings a heavy machines of the John Deere brand. It is a well-known brand of farm machinery in the United States, and now it is clear that the new Farming Simulator will have officially licensed John Deere machines. It's nothing strange for this game in which the publisher Focus Home Interactive year after year obviously invests more and more money. John Deere machines will thus join an already impressive setting of a licensed machines of leading brands in the field such as Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr and others. An attached trailer does not show in-game graphics, but it is still very well-behaved and visually impressive.

Farming Simulator 19 promises the most complete experience of running our own farm so far with the new European and American environments that should shine like never before with the new graphics engine. They promise us new types of machines and new activities, and if cultivating crops is not your thing, there will be plenty of cattle to feed, preserve and breed. This includes cows, chickens, sheep and more, but for the first time in the series also horses.

Do you play Farming Simulator games? Are you looking forward to this new one? Please tell us below.

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lol :3 E3 <3


i'm losser(


its my life


thx   for the news..


dog raises his head like a zombie movie  :)

Construct your future ¦]




pretty cool, i should quit my job and Farm Sim instead.


This was the second best game of e3, just behind cyberpunk 2077


lol simulators

My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens<3


i don't like simulator, farm or car

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Farming Simulator is a huge brand in the gaming industry, and this impressive cinematic trailer reminds us of this fact. Here is the first information about the game where we will "farm like never before".

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