Rage 2 demonstrated its gameplay, coming 2019

Rage 2 demonstrated its gameplay, coming 2019

As we have assumed, Bethesda for today prepares an announcement for shooter Rage 2, a new game from the makers of Doom, which will be announced in detail at this year's E3 next month. That Rage 2 was in development we found out last week, and now the first trailer has appeared before official reveal. It has not yet been published on Bethesda's YouTube channel so keep in mind that it is deleted elsewhere. Once it's publicly available, we'll upload it here too.

Trailer does not show much to us, but at least one conclusion can be drawn from it. Namely, Bethesda will with Rage do what it did with Fallout - a post-apocalyptic world will be shifted from gray to a dreary atmosphere to a lustrous color or screaming colors. A similar transition, for example, had in mind Ubisoft's Watch Dogs on the way from the original to the second part.

It also appears that Rage's enemies will have distinctive characters and express different kinds of madness. This is for such one game a necessity as it is likely to be released by the end of this year, and in the same period we expect also Borderlands 3, which is also a post-apocalyptic shooter with colorful colors and crazy characters.

Update: Official trailer was released, along with information that on the game works Avalanche Studios, team behind Mad Max and Just Cause series.

Update: Rage 2 demonstrated its gameplay, coming 2019

After yesterday's announcement, we also received some concrete details about the new shooter called Rage 2. We learned that two teams would collaborate on this game: Bethesda's id Software and Norwegian Avalanche Studios, that worked on Mad Max. In all likelihood, id Software is developing an FPS part of the game, while the Avalanche team works on the racing tracks. The game is in the advanced phase, but we will not play it this fall but in the spring of 2019 on PC, PS4 and XBOX consoles.

In the game, we will take on the role of Walker, the last ranger in the wasteland called Vineland, whose band called The Authority lead by General Cross destroys his home. Of course, it is up to us to get revenge and to end this evil gang's oppressive ruling.

As you can see from a trailer, just shooting will occasionally be backed with different skills, or Nanotrites. These skills include jumping longer distances, as well as the ability to enter the so-called Overdrive, a state in which all weapons are dealing double damage, while the enemies leave a better reward behind them.

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Arrived somewhat more concrete display of Rage 2, and with it we learned game's story as well as basic mechanism of gameplay.

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