Glitch with Castle Catapult

Glitch with Castle Catapult

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Deaf Spartan

I have won and and earned 10 ARP, but it does not automatic added into my ARP status. I have tried it again and it let me play the game again. Again I have played and won some ARP, and again, it does not automatic collected it. Tried for the third time, and the result is the same. Does anyone have this problem? Or, who do I need to speak with about this glitch?

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same here. 

im not old, im experienced.


Same. Got 5 arp and didnt count.


My 10 ARP did not count. T_T


I got 5 ARP too and it's still incomplete and didn't get the points either... 


Buged ?


Me too


Same here. I'll complete it, spin, get arp but don't actually get the ARP and it still says incomplete. I've done it several times now and still nothing. A lot of messing around for nothing.


I have the same problem like You.


Same here


How many points do you have to create at all. I'm really too stupid.