Far Cry 5 preload on PC starts four days before game release

Far Cry 5 preload on PC starts four days before game release

Far Cry 5 is approaching its release date (March 27), and on that occasion Ubisoft has prepared good news for PC players. Specifically, if you've already purchased Far Cry 5 in the digital version, you'll be able to download it from March 23, which means you'll have plenty of time to download the installation to play the game right away at the release day.

According to the first information you will need to download approximately 37.5 gigabytes, which is not much for today's standards.

If Far Cry 5 you do not plan to buy before release, on PC you have another convenience. You can get the game also "free" if you buy newer AMD cards (Radeon RX 580, RX Vega 56 and RX Vega 64), with which in the future come with a digital version of Far Cry 5.

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Nice to be ready if you're excited to play.  Plus, I'm sure the game install is huge so could take some time unless you have fiber.


The good news is AMD is promoting their cards, but I'm not a fan.


so excited to play it on new version, thank you

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Very wonderful, I always look with interest new materials.


Preload is a great thing


Well done, think about those who are not very fast Internet, I used to have a slow Internet 5 Mbps, now I download this game in 25 minutes


Wait... So there is still people that pre-order?


Very pleasant news

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PC players will be able to play Far Cry 5 immediately by release, and they will have four days of preparation, or earlier download of the game.

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