US congressman discusses loot box regulation

US congressman discusses loot box regulation


A member of the US congress is sponsoring several pieces of legislation meant to clamp down on predatory practices in gaming loot boxes. And as it turns out, he’s pretty familiar with the subject.

Rep. Chris Lee (D-Hawaii) spoke with YouTuber Spawn Wave about what he’s trying to accomplish with bills he’s introduced in the House and Senate, but he also mentioned his own favorite games - notably, the Battlefield series.
Lee also said he’s “experimenting” with an Oculus Rift, and is planning on building a new PC to play Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.
The legislation he’s introduced would restrict loot boxes in Hawaii to players 21 and older, and to require publishers to disclose the odds involved in loot boxes.
Whether this would prove helpful or not is an open question, but it is a bit reassuring to know that at least one policymaker working on games legislation in the U.S. is familiar with the subject.

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I hope they will ban loot boxes


Very wonderful, I always look with interest new materials.


Good news!


In loot box there is nothing wrong, they can be received for inside game money, not for real


Just look


You can pretty much guarantee congress will not get anything done.  I don't expect the loot box issue to be solved by legal means; It's going to take an industrywide push at self-regulation alongside enough outcry from the gamers.


curious if all the involved politicians around the wolrd will actually get anything done^^


Good that there are some laws coming on this.


good news

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These are all empty words

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Rep. Chris Lee (D-Hawaii) spoke with YouTuber Spawn Wave

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