Again confirmed Grand Theft Auto VI rumors - Vice City has never been closer to us ..

Again confirmed Grand Theft Auto VI rumors - Vice City has never been closer to us ..

Namely, for those who skipped the news from a few days ago, a YouTube channel The Know has announced that it has come up with insider information about the next GTA game, which should return the action to many favorite Vice City as well as a good part of South America.

The current information suggests that the game is currently being codenamed Project Americas and suggests that action will take place on two different continents - North and South America - for the first time, to expect even more playable characters to play than in GTA V, for the first time in the series, there should also be a female playing character.

New sources confirm all of the above information and reveal several new ones. First of all, new sources also state that the story of the game, which will be re-established in the 1980s of the last century, is likely to be extended to Brazil or Colombia (or both countries, although Colombia is a logical solution for a time) where we will be coming by air (and probably do business with Colombian cartels, and we are hoping to see the fictitious variation of Pablo Escobar himself). Will we see Tommy Vercetti again in the main role, it is still unknown, and what has been confirmed in all these new rumors is that we should not see the game in the sale until 2021/2022. which in some cases also coincides with the opinion of numerous gaming analysts.

Of course, all of this is now part of the rumor, so the chance to get the first official GTA VI information before the end 2019 or even 2020, are almost zero.

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uhhh I dont want to hype myself too much until official informations from rockstar come out - but the hype train is incoming fast.


Hmm, I can't see a new GTA game coming out any time soon given that Rockstar seems to focus on one game at a time. The idea of having more characters to play doesn't make a lot of sense to me given the effort involved and the focus on online play versus single player. (Just look at the money the online game brings in to see why.) I do see them adding a female playable character as being likely. It may help them bring in more female gamers which can only be a good thing for their bottom line.


I really like the step, that they would introduce a female main character :3


Would love to return to Vice City


Well, that was to be expected that sooner or later, to be continued, waiting for official news that there will be very soon.


I play it on PS5


Thank you for the very interesting news, I enjoyed reading it!


Very pleasant information~Thumbs up


Upon this time , Nvidia will released the new GTX 2080 Ti card

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RAVERS UNITE ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Sweet!  Vice city was my favorite GTA game.

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Grand Theft Auto VI rumors from a few days ago this morning came up with even a few unspecified sources, and what's interesting is that all sources have released the same information independently.

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