Completely free and uninvited bust in the festive party in Party Hard 2 Xmas Alpha

Completely free and uninvited bust in the festive party in Party Hard 2 Xmas Alpha

The newly released Christmas Alpha build of Party Hard 2 sees you crashing a Christmas street party and putting an end to the festive frolicking by any means necessary. You can stab everyone at a time if you like, but it's more fun to search for more inventive means of bumping them off - such as dropping a statue on someone or running a snow plow through a crowd of people. The level is much larger than those in the original game and incorporates randomized elements too, such as different weapons and building layouts which makes allow for plenty of replayability.

Party Hard 2 in the final version we should play next year, but until then you can enjoy in Alpha 1 and Christmas frolicking in Xmas Alpha.

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Looks like a lil fun game to goof around in.  I'll try the Alpha.


Pretty cute and violent.  For some reason, it reminds me of Postal series??


looks funny


loooks fun i love the artstyle


It looks great ! :D


Is it better than the first part?)


Very interesting


Tnx for news ))


I'm loving the huge graphics overhaul they did for this game. The 3D graphics look much nicer than the first Party Hard.


Nice,looks funny

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Some to Christmas festivities are looking forward much cheerful than the others. In the group of joyful falls also the protagonist of Party Hard 2 game, who can hardly wait for somebody to make some kind of party to joyfully starts killing spree.

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