EVE Online’s ‘Arms Race’ Update expands gameplay experience for all F2P Players

EVE Online’s ‘Arms Race’ Update expands gameplay experience for all F2P Players

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CCP’s CEO, said:

“There has never been a better time to join the universe of EVE and begin your own unique space adventure, or re-join and continue your journey. The increased flexibility and depth of the free Alpha Clone experience means that EVE is more accessible than ever. EVE players can return and fly their favorite ships for free, re-uniting with old corpmates or continue forging their own destiny to make their mark on the universe.”


The Arms Race update also sees the appearance of a new in-game monument to commemorate the efforts of all all the EVE Online players who contributed to real science through the development of the Human Protein Atlas as part of Project Discovery.

More info & EVE Online downloader please visit EVE official website.

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Great news for F2P Gaming in space :D

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Really good news for me, it's time to dig some minerals :)


It looks very cool. I love games about space.




Eve still not getting old! Damn!


Very cool :3 EVE  it's chance to feel like a captain of a warship :D

Sleep all time :D


Whoever does the music in these videos is doing a great job.


Меня всегда завораживал космос. Космические бои это нечто)


о, ева


Never really got into this one, but it was still pretty good.


Thanks for this news.

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EVE Online’s ‘Arms Race’ Update

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