Rumor: Dark Souls 1 remaster could be on the way

Rumor: Dark Souls 1 remaster could be on the way

Bandai Namco is going to be holding an event on December 15th and it has been said by Marcus Sellars on Twitter that “5 unannounced games will be shown at the event”. A follow up Tweet, that was later deleted, said that one of those would be a remaster of the original Dark Souls and in it would not only be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC but to the Switch as well!

What do you guys think about this? I'm so excited! I hope they can remaster Demon Souls too

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That would be SOOO AWESOME 


Already?  I love the first Dark Souls to death (hah) , was blown away by the combat system  I finished it more than once. Also one of  best map design  i've seen.


Great news. DS1 should get a remaster



Good news! I think Golden Joystick gave Prepare to Die Edition about two years ago. Probably you will have to pay for the remastered version. Please give us a discount if we have Dark Souls 1.


It will be really good. I hope they'll give owners a huge discount :0


That last stretch of the game really needs it. 

Lost Izalith, anyone?

The jumping asses of the rock lava landfill, that boss fight borrowed from Zelda, and all that BLOOOOOOOOM!!

First Dark Souls is the most hardcore Dark Souls 'cause its the only one that can actually physically hurt you; get stuck in Lost Izalith for too long and you're gonna go bloom blind. 


Mambo number 4! The over looked mambo variant naming off my list of cats


Demon's Souls remaster would be even nicer, especially since its servers are being shut down.


nice but I haven't even played the original game yet :P


Would love to get a remaster. I did not finish the original but would surely play this one


Hope it's true. In any case, there is a little more than a week and we will know exactly.

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Dark souls 1 remaster could be on the way

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