Rainbow Six Siege: White Noise update revealed

Rainbow Six Siege: White Noise update revealed

Rainbow Six Siege: White Noise update,

Ubisoft has released a gameplay video of the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege expansion White Noise. In addition, the developer has revealed plans for the third year.
This weekend, Ubisoft provided more information about Rainbow Six Siege: White Noise. The test server for the White Noise extension runs from now until December 5 for the PC version of the game. In the released video we see gameplay in Mok Myeok Tower, the new folder of the expansion.

Now the developer has also released details about the plans for the third year of the game in the form of a timeline. Eight new operators are added, two new maps and a new event called Outbreak.

The year will start with Operation Chimera, which will feature two new operators and the Outbreak event. The operators are biohazard specialists and receive a special role within the first co-op event, which is available for four weeks and gives players the opportunity to collect exclusive items.

The complete unveiling of Operation Chimera takes place during Six Invitational 2018 in Montreal. During this event, more information will be provided about the new content from year three. Watch the Mok Myeok Tower map and timeline for year three below.

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The Mok Myeok Tower map looks beatiful


Sexi operators <3


new features like these are always appreciated




I'm looking forward to the new addition of the South Korean operators


Oh cell phones , always news from Ubisoft 


Upgrade is a good deal more like this)




Good things: great sound of guns, cool guns, cool card!


I think this will be my favorite map


I love the game, can't wait to try the new content out. The new map looks really fun.

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Rainbow Six Siege: White Noise update

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