THQ Nordic buys Biomutant-IP and developer

THQ Nordic buys Biomutant-IP and developer

THQ Nordic buys Biomutant-IP and developer

THQ Nordic has purchased the Biomutant IP announced earlier this year and its developer Experiment 101.
Biomutant was unveiled at Gamescom. The fantasy game with action and RPG elements was one of the surprises of that fair. Experiment 101 was always an indie developer but is now owned by the publisher.

THQ Nordic has more often bought various franchises and studios. In 2008, for example, it bought a number of IPs from the THQ then declared bankrupt, but since then it has also bought (the developer) Atari, as well as DTP Entertainment and Digital Realty.

Biomutant will appear on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime next year.

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So they like to collect development studios, huh?  This game looks cool.

Vote with your wallet.


nice job thq


THQ Nordic is really growing big.



beautiful graphic


!!! Magnificent !!!


Biomutant was my favorite reveal at Gamescom. THQ Nordic has an excellent track record, so I'm sure that the Biomutant IP is in good hands.


This game will take over all the platformes 


Simple absorption type)




He looks like Mr Shifu from Kong fu panda xD


Looks like an interesting world to mess around in. Cool vehicles and weapons.

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THQ Nordic buys Biomutant-IP and developer

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