Battlefront II physical sales 60% lower than it's predecessor

Battlefront II physical sales 60% lower than it's predecessor

Physical sales Battlefront II 60% lower than it's predecessor.
Star Wars: Battlefront II is starting to become more and more off a disaster for EA. After the whole fuss around the loot boxes, it now appears that the physical sales of the game are no less than 60 percent lower than the first game, at least in the United Kingdom. The bad advertisement for the release undoubtedly caused a lot of pre-orders to be canceled and that gamers now also wait a bit longer to buy the game. Only within a few months will we be able to see what the effect of the entire history has been on the sale of the game.

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To be expected :)


You know what they say about Karma!

Vote with your wallet.


Yep, no surprises here. This is why they temporarily reversed the microtransactions, because it's hitting them in the pocket.


This is great! The best way to make ourselves heard is by not buying a faulty product. I really, sincerely hope this starts a trend, because I know this is a big title that was hard for many people to not buy, with the Star Wars and Battlefront names behind it. But the only way for us to fix this industry is to stop paying these companies to screw us over. We need to look at broken, unfinished, exploitative products, and refuse to buy them, just like we would with a physical product.


Best news of the day. But EA can't change, it's too late.


because of microtransactions so its not suprising 




That "disaster" have a name: Microtransactions.



Mvpalways said:

Ce "désastre" a un nom: Microtransactions.

!!! completely agree !!!


I am still waiting on the release of a number for global sales. I eagerly want to know if all this microtransaction backlash heavily affected their sales.

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Physical sales Battlefront II 60% lower than it's predecessor

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