AMD Crimson Relive Redux will bring performance monitoring to the games

AMD Crimson Relive Redux will bring performance monitoring to the games

Company AMD back few years has switched to the format of the annual update of graphics card drivers, or Radeon Software. At the end of each year like that it releases a big update that brings significant innovations in software support. Last year like that we finally got Radeon ReLive possibility of subsequent recording of the gameplay, Radeon Chill and a few more good looking tricks.

Judging by the information that appeared on the Internet, it seems that the big novelty from Radeon Software this year will be an interface for tracking the performance of games and hardware alone while playing. In other words, you will no longer need an external program, such as Afterburner, to see how much is the usage of CPU/GPU/RAM resources, what is your graphics card temperature and similar.

Performance Measuring Tools while playing are increasingly common. For example, Assassin's Creed Origins in PC version has an internal performance analysis. Therefore, it would not be surprising that AMD introduced something similar to its card users. But, nothing has been officially confirmed, and we will know the truth in the 12th month when the alleged Crimson Relive Redux package should be launched.

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Good news for those with AMD cards.


Well done, polish your software, additional chip features are not superfluous too. The main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved


i had a lot of problems with the crimson , i prefer AMD catalyst


Well came up with




i've got a lot of problems with the crimson , i hope they fixed it with this new add


У меня Intel


Amd is best! Every time i used they equ I'm always safe!


Das freut uns Gamer doch


Yes!, this was not enough.


Good news for AMD users, but, Nvidea still on point (;

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According to information posted on the Internet, AMD for the end of the year is reportedly working on big update of the software for its graphics cards.

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