Electronic Arts folded tail and changed prices of heroes in the Star Wars Battlefront II

Electronic Arts folded tail and changed prices of heroes in the Star Wars Battlefront II

Electronic Arts in the past two days has found itself under the fire from angry players. In the trial version of Star Wars Battlefront II it was revealed that for unlocking some of the characters without spending more money it would take about 40 hours of gameplay, on what representative from Electronic Arts replied that with this is their goal to allow players a sense of pride and achievement once they unlock the characters. That answer became the most negatively rated answer in Reddit's history and was downvoted by almost half a million people.

New Day, new politics in Electronic Arts. Seeing how the players were infuriated about their game, they immediately cut down the demands for unlocking the characters. When the game comes out in three days, controversial characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will be able to unlock for 75% smaller amount than until now. In other words, for a sense of pride and achievement when unlocking the characters, you will need approximately ten hours of playing.

As part of image restoration of the company, representatives of Electronic Arts tomorrow will participate in Reddit AMA sessions. We doubt that it will think twice before they say anything.

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EA - worst company i ever saw


lol very good communication !

At least they made the changes before the release of the game.



I would not be surprised if these characters can be obtained for real money. For some reason, this trend overtakes all online games.


Like it matters. It only took EA to come forward and say some stupid shit for the community to go up in riot against them and practically force them to make the slightest changes (not even removing them).

Nothing will change if consumers enable these kind of practices. Also don't use their bullshit excuse saying "The income we get from microtransactions allows us to satisfy our customers with creating more content". If they can't make profit without using practices that exploits people into buying their ingame items and skins, then it says a lot about their business model and the company as a whole.


Sh*tty EA want to get more money? NO! Never! 

Make better products = more money! No any other ways! 

Done with it...! 


Its probably not the case, but my cynical side says ... publicity stunt.

Unlike some other markets, a game company/publisher's reputation can stand quite a hammering without it deterring the gamer masses from buying the game.

So Many Toys ...So Little Time


The whole idea of these microtransactions has turned off a lot of people from this game. It's nice they listened about the prices but it may not be enough.


I stopped buying EA games when they paid the NFL to have a monopoly on football games and stopped making the pc version.

Vote with your wallet.

Yamero Kudasai

microtransactions in almost every game of every company :(


They did this so quickly, I can't help but think this whole thing was just for PR. "Oh look at how well we listen to the community and adapt, aren't we great?" But, at least they did it. For EA, that's saying something.

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After the very badly accepted reaction from Electronic Arts on stretching of progress in the new Star Wars game, the company changed its philosophy instantly.

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