This could be your last chance to stop ISPs from messing up your internet (Affects Gamers too!)

This could be your last chance to stop ISPs from messing up your internet (Affects Gamers too!)

CC Chair Ajit Pai is about to announce a vote to slash America's net neutrality rules—meaning companies like Comcast & Verizon will be able to block apps, slow websites, and charge fees to control what you see & do online. Once Pai announces the vote, the situation becomes desperate. But if we flood Congress with phone calls right now, they can stop the vote.

This affects gaming too. Online gaming services will be throtted and we will have to pay more for the internet

What is net neutrality? Why does it matter?

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers like Comcast & Verizon should not control what we see and do online. In 2015, startups, Internet freedom groups, and 3.7 million commenters won strong net neutrality rules from the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The rules prohibit Internet providers from blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization—"fast lanes" for sites that pay, and slow lanes for everyone else.

We are Team Internet. We support net neutrality, freedom of speech.

Nearly everyone who understands and depends on the Internet supports net neutrality, whether they're startup founders, activists, gamers, politicians, investors, comedians, YouTube stars, or typical Internet users who just want their Internet to work as advertised—regardless of their political party. But don't take our word for it. Ask around, or watch some of these videos.

They are Team Cable. They want to end net neutrality, to control & tax the Internet.

Cable companies are famous for high prices and poor service. Several rank as the most hated companies in America. Now, they're lobbying the FCC and Congress to end net neutrality. Why? It's simple: if they win the power to slow sites down, they can bully any site into paying millions to escape the "slow lane." This would amount to a tax on every sector of the American economy. Every site would cost more, since they'd all have to pay big cable. Worse, it would extinguish the startups and independent voices who can't afford to pay. If we lose net neutrality, the Internet will never be the same.

Our best shot at saving net neutrality is if we can get phones ringing off the hook in Washington, DC right NOW. It's a long shot, but it's our best shot. Please spread the word

An easy to click-to-call tool set up at

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This doesn't sound like gaming news...


America's problem is nothing compared to Middle Eastern Countries XD, just check Saudi Arabia or Turkey's net Control



Back with ma Big Mac


KrAzY3 said:

This doesn't sound like gaming news...

It is though. Online gaming services will be throtted and we will have to pay more for the internet....

How is that not gaming related......

Just read this:


Unfortunately a lot of people in the US do not understand the impact this will have. I really hope that there is a large enough backlash to stop this.


IHeartYouuu said:
KrAzY3 said:

This doesn't sound like gaming news...

It is though. Online gaming services will be throtted and we will have to pay more for the internet....

So many directions one could go with that. It's nice to know you can predict the future, but you do know that net neutrality didn't exist for quite a while, right?

I'm just tired of the net neutrality spam and misinformation all over the internet, often in places it doesn't really belong. I get it, bad stuff will happen, even though bad stuff hasn't already happened it will happen! It's like global warming, my eternal doom is right around the corner! NYC will be under water by 2015! Oh wait...



Sorry for my bad English. I'm improving my English


It will impact gamers and everybody, this is not normal !!!



I never thought I'd say this, but bring back Tom Wheeler :(


Tell your representatives how you feel before it is too late.

Vote with your wallet.


as usual it´s all about the money

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The FCC is expected to announce a vote to slash net neutrality rules the day before Thanksgiving.

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