Freddy Krueger is Coming to Dead by Daylight (remember to stay awake)

Freddy Krueger is Coming to Dead by Daylight (remember to stay awake)

Every day is Halloween in Dead by Daylight, as monsters and serial killers hunt down victims to sacrifice to a dark god. So, this year the game is introducing a new killer, Freddy Krueger. He will join to Leatherface and Michael Myers, introduced a little earlier. 
Freddy won’t be a free addition. He will also come with three new perks to make it easier for him to hunt down his victims.
More details are expected as Halloween gets closer.  
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I have already finished playing this game, maybe this is an excuse to come back?


I can't wait to see what game breaking perks they come up with this time.


Ha, it's somewhat weird to see Freddy Krueger in this game, when I think of Friday the 13th with Jason Voorhees.


Freddy will be really good killer :)


Holly Molly, it will reaload the game

Jack Trick

Waiting for it!


Nice, very fearful figure ! :o



it's great


HOlly :O



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