ARP will be delayed (Update: All is well again)

ARP will be delayed (Update: All is well again)

UPDATE: All ARP functions have returned.  


Hey guys, we are working behind the scenes right now to make the ARP experience faster and more reliable.  Part of that is migrating everything to a new system.  So for the next couple days, you may see your ARP at zero and you may not see any gain.  This is expected and fine.  All your actions are still being recorded and the ARP will return to you.  So everything you do is not for nothing right now.

In the meantime, feel free to yell and scream into the void.  


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When you say new system, are we talking about hardware or will you guys change the mechanics too?


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sadov said:

When you say new system, are we talking about hardware or will you guys change the mechanics too?

This is a hardware/software update for our databases.  

We do have a new ARP 5.0 system set to debut in November.  


Oh thanks for clearing this, I was just about to post about the "bug?". 



my lvl is 1, i scared


Thank you for the update.

On the plus side, my (apparent) zero ARP status makes me feel young again. Good times.

So Many Toys ...So Little Time


Thank you for the update!


Looking forward to the improvements being made to the ARP system. Hopefully this will help with some of the glitches and downtimes I've experienced before.


Hopefully the new ARP system won't add more levels above 30 to stretch things out again.


iamkarisee said:

thx i yelled as loud as i could

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Where is your precious ARP?

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