Blizzard wants more women to work on their games

Blizzard wants more women to work on their games

Judging by an intership letter that reached all the way to Kotaku, president of Blizzard, Mike Morheim, is worried that the overall number of employees in his company women make only 21%. Namely, Morhaim would like to improve this ratio in favor of women. In other words, president of Blizzard wants more women to work on his games.

In order to make his intentions real, Blizzard launched the "global diversity and inclusion initiative" campaign, which will primarily employ more women and currently underrepresented minority groups. Namely, women leave the studio more than men do, so Morhaim plans to improve the working environment for its employees, and also for minorities, so something like that in the future gets avoided.

In addition, Blizzard said it did not mean to hire a certain number of women, but intends to work with groups such as "Girls Who Code" in order to find more candidates and improve their own method of employment.

Do you think that such a method of employment is fair or is someone this way being discriminated?

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Why not


I think if diversity is a goal of a business, its entirely reasonable to look at why particular groups of employees leave more than others and to address it if it turns out the workplace environment is contributing to the problem.

So Many Toys ...So Little Time


It's their business so they can hire whoever they want.


Ok. I think nothing will be changed.

A good game is still a good game.










Nice of them.



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President of Blizzard, Mike Morheim, is currently working to raise the average number of female employees in his studio, followed by minority groups that are underrepresented.

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