Desktop app for Twitch came out in full version

Desktop app for Twitch came out in full version

Twitch during this year tested its Windows/Mac OS application, and from today officially opened and made available to all interested users. There is not much wisdom behind the app - you can track and stream all content same as on Twitch page through your internet browser, but you also have several exclusive features, including the dark version or the visual theme of Twitch.

In Twitch claim that the app is a bit faster than browsing through a classic browser, and in addition, you can also use it to play, for example, like some sort of replacement for Discord. Namely, Twitch application also supports communication between multiple users, including video calls. In addition, the application will allow users to communicate on individual streams, even after they are finished.

Welcome to the Twitch Desktop App from product marketing on Vimeo.

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Seems they added some nice features :)



I don't think I'll use this over the browser but it's good to have I guess




That's pretty nice. But I doubt I'd ever use it to voice chat; I imagine there'll be too much chaos. 


Hope it will be stable


Oh nice :)

Need to test the new version!


I had the beta, but I never use it. 


Download already, works great, feels like the full website bundle.


I think i will still use it in browser



yea not much different from the browser.

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To access all functions of Twitch service on personal computers you will no longer have to access via Internet browser.

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