Tales from the Borderlands will not get a sequel, there is no money

Tales from the Borderlands will not get a sequel, there is no money

Although many would agree - that Tales from the Borderlands is among the best titles of Telltale's production, its disappointing sales portray us a completely different story. Namely, the director of the game, Nick Herman, revealed that the sale of this game was so bad that the whole project had nearly collapsed before it was completed.

Since Tales from the Borderlands did not meet certain conditions, or sufficient profit to justify its continuation, Herman was forced to finish the game as soon as possible so that employees could dedicate themselves to a new and lucrative project. This led to a significant reduction in the number of responsible persons for the Tales, so that ultimately on the project would remain just a handful of the most determined people who would often stay up late in the night to ensure to the game a fair end.

"Tales was my life for two years, and internally it was perceived as a failure. Critically, it was a big success, but from the view of sales and development it was not good, "Herman said. If you were wondering why the Tales from the Borderlands was not announced - you now have an answer.

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Too bad good games not seeling so good will not go on and crappy games selling a lot will continue to flood the market......



too bad :-(


That sucks. Well, at least they finished the season.


thanks for the news


Sad, when good games earn no money, but bad games earn a lot


Telltale also released it 3 days before Black Friday, so that's probably a major reason.


That's too bad. TftB is one of the best Telltale games in my opinion.


Not good to see a game with quality unable to get its next version...


Although it's not getting a sequel, they should take pride in the fact that many enjoyed their game


Not sure how an obscure IP like Fables/Wolf Among Us did well enough to merit a sequel but this didn't.   I wonder if the licensing costs were significantly higher?  

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Although it picked up solid ratings from critics, Tales from the Borderlands did not sell well so until the end of the season only a small number of the most determined people worked on it.

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