Get a FREE MXM Master: Koom

Get a FREE MXM Master: Koom

MXM is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena with a unique Tag System, allowing you to quickly swap between two chosen characters mid-combat.  Challenge opponents with a deadly fusion of Masters in competitive battlegrounds.  Fight in a variety of PvP modes or bring up to four friends with you into the co-op story. With a diverse selection of over 30 Masters to choose from including characters from Blade & Soul, Guild Wars 2, and other NCSOFT games together with an innovative Tag System, there are hundreds of different Master combinations available, offering a new level of strategy, combos and tactics.  Get your key here:


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thx for news!


Thanks for the news




thanks for news:)


Just got it a key.  Glad I saw the news



thanks for news


thanks a lot!




Thanks for news ^^


thx for news!

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Get your MXM Character Key here before they run out

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