Destiny 2 has been fully revealed, explained story, world and first gameplay shown

Destiny 2 has been fully revealed, explained story, world and first gameplay shown

Bungie just held a conference where they reveal the key details of Destiny 2 and explained why both solo and team players should start preparing for the sequel to one of the most popular MMO series. Finally, we also got the first show of the game in action, and the audience present will play the game right away, while we will have to rely on their impressions until the beta this summer.

The story will undermine the hope of all loyal players because Destiny 2 begins with the loss of the war which we saw in the first display of gameplay and the fall of Earth. The Army of the Red Legion and their leader who will be the main villain of the game are responsible for the assault, so our goal will be to recover, to unite, equip and kick their asses how they deserve. All will be accompanied by a number of recorded scenes, main and secondary missions, and a deeper story.

We will play four new worlds, that is, the four different celestial bodies of the Solar System. On Earth we will retreat to the European Dead Zone which is not a nickname for the discussions around Brexit but the area in the game that is twice as big in the Destiny series so far. Saturn's moon Titan is interesting because there is no soil at all but it is the whole just ocean where people have build platforms and wells. Nessus is a beautiful colorful planet inspired by the plateau of Brazil and transformed into a huge machine of the space race, and Io is the mysterious planet full of mythology and secret powers.

The missions will be able to complete cooperatively, and new kinds of quests such as adventure, treasure map and lost sectors are also introduced. But, Destiny is the best in the company and Bungie says that in the first game only 50% of people played raids because they simply did not have who to play with, so they will correct it in Destiny 2. Officially they have introduced clans that will have progress and rewards for members, but also a new system called Guided Games that will allow solo players to join without obligation on at least one clan mission to which players are missing.

Players who prefer chest on chest access will make happy big changes in the Crucible - PvP part of the game. In all modes, there are now two games with four players, and new modes like Countdown will be introduced which will be the first attack-defense mode in the series. The game will finally come out for the PC, where we are surprised by the cooperation with Blizzard, so Destiny 2 on the PC will be available via the platform.

We expect more information and details now when most of the cards are on the table, because for example still haven`t been explained or shown new raid and some other things. Except that, we look forward to the first impressions of the players who had the chance to try the game on the PS4 Pro and PC as part of the conference. If you have an hour free in your life, take a look at the entire conference video above that will show you everything we just wrote.

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Looks really good so far, interesting that the PC version will be done through  Looking forward to more details and eventually trying it out


Looks promising.


Only the video of conference and gameplay reveal that we've provided are from the official channel, the other videos are from the IGN that has uploaded faster than the official channel. When the official Bungie channel ends with uploading all the displayed material we will put them into the article.


There goes social life.


The end of Activision games on Steam?  I won't be surprised if this works out that Activision will start to put all of their future games on Battle.Net like EA has done with Origin.  


This game is fantastic!


Looks very promising, I just wish they went with release on Steam instead of


Interesting that was willing to host the game. Not at all related to the current monopoly Steam has...




Thank you for news! ;3

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Bungie finally completely revealed Destiny 2, explained the novelties, the story, the world and showed gameplay, and we will be able to play it this summer.

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