Announcing Phantom Trigger

Announcing Phantom Trigger

The duo dev behind 2015's math puzzler hit Divide By Sheep (95% user rating on Steam, featured by the AppStore) have been working on something very... different. Something that focuses on deep combat mechanics, features RPG and roguelike elements. 

More details will become available soon. Make sure to Sign-Up For The Alpha.

Official Website -

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This reminds me of days when u some games really tried hard to listen to their players in alpha and beta and the result was amaZing the released game was well made.


Not bad gameplay and good music in trailer. With decent price that game can be very successful.


That's nice looking game. I will sign-up for the alpha and maybe with little luck I will get chance to test it.


I like realization
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go for it !


Looks interesting with a nice soundtrack. I will def sign up for the Alpha. Thank you for the article


Look pretty nice, nice music!


Funny helli game.

Fallen' hero will rise again!


Looks like a fun game, nice artstyle and music - but: I cannot say the game will stand out from others.

What are you waiting for? Syberia 3 has approached...and it was a technical mess (disappointed hype)!


Впринцыпе игра норм + цена не кусаетса.

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Announcing Phantom Trigger - a Hardcore Neon Slasher coming to PC and possibly other platforms this summer.

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