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Cutreport is coming! XD


Well,let's see




Not sure if it's a good idea or not. Dark Soul is fine as it's. They could just release an improve graphic DLC and sell it if they want to. I feel they are just being greedy. 


Hoazo said:

Why do I get the feeling that this won't be free for people who purchased the original game....

At least on Steam, the Bandai Namco store already mentions a 50% royalty discount to "upgrade" their original copy.


Edit: Looks like they revoked the announcement, no more discount. :(


Wait,wait, wait why do the console versions need remastering to begin with? The most broken and defective version of Dark Souls to come out was that atrociously poor excuse of a port that was tossed at the PC platform. Nobody really complained too much about the graphical fidelity. PC players primarily complained about the lack of proper mouse and keyboard support and the fact that the game was locked at 30 FPS constantly. If anything PC players should get a free upgrade to the new remastered version seeing how they had to both search for, find and use player created patches just to fix basic problems that should have been ironed out of that port to begin with.




i not end my ds 3


Was a good game, so i take a look at the remaster. Hope it will be great :-)


good news!!!