A Light Theme For AlienwareArena
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 Favourite games/games played on profile
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 daily rewards
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 Why not use captcha?
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 ARP: The number of users at each level
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 Wallpapers's BOX
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 Invite friends and get rewards :)
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 Show us at least our latest written replies
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 Next badge percent
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 Multiple email support?
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 Forum Voting
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 MAKE IT FAIR ! Arena Rewards ARP
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 Game tournaments or co up's to make forum warmer
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 Link accounts to discord.
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 AWA Loot Box!
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 Amazon store app
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 Link to another accounts(Origin,uplay,epic games,etc)
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 The Alienware Arena app ARP
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 Share any page to social media!
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 ARP booster on holidays
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 Red Dead Redemption giveaway
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 Show ways to gain ARP
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 When full game keys are going back ?
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 Unread Post
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